Welcome to the Cyclos license server
At this site you can download Cyclos 4 PRO, view the release notes and manage your registration.

Cyclos 4 PRO can be downloaded for free to evaluate the software and can be used up to 300 users and a maximum turnover of 100 000 euro. Above these numbers you need to purchase a license. Please have a look at our pricelist.

To install Cyclos please follow these steps:
1. Register here at our license server.
2. Download Cyclos from the license server.
3. Unzip the archive and open the file cyclos-reference.pdf. The installation instructions can be found in chapter 1.
4. Install the software.
5. When Cyclos starts for the first time you need to enter your username and password from this license server, this will automatically activate your free (300 users) license.

To buy a Cyclos license, please use our contact form.

Good luck!

The Cyclos team